Home Studio Registry: Don Simpson

Future plans/projects

Several Singer/songwriters CD projects, and several instrumental guitar projects.


Custom Baranik SJ, Lowden O-10, Taylor 910


Zoom MRT-3 Micro Rhythm Track, Steinberg Groove Agent


TC Electronic M300 Dual Engine Effects, TC Electronic Triple C Multiband Stereo Compressor


AKG C 3000 (2), AKG C 406, AKG C 414 B-TL II, AKG C 535 EB (2), AKG Solid Tube, audio-technica AT4033, audio-technica ATM75, Electro-Voice N/D 757A, Electro-Voice N/D 857B, GT Electronics AM-30 (2), GT Electronics AM-40, GT Electronics AM-51 (2)


Mackie 1604 VLZ Pro, Yamaha MX 12/4, Behringer MX602A

Tape decks

Alesis LX-20 (Type II) ADAT (2), Hewlett/Packard 9100e CD-Writer Plus, Memorex CD-ReWriter 52-24-52, Sony TC-WE305 Double Cassette Deck, TDK IndiDVD DVD �R/�RW/CD, Yamaha DTR2 DAT


Phase Linear A400, Samson Servo-260, Event TR8, Klipsch KG .5, Yamaha NS-A636, MAM HP48 Headphone Distribution Amp, DOD SR 460h Headphone Distribution Amp, AKG K 240, Sony MDR-7506, Yamaha RH-5Ma, Yamaha YH-3


HP P4 3.2GHz, 1024M RAM, 160G HD with Aardvark Aark24 PCI Audio Interface

Music software

Steinberg Nuendo, Steinberg Cubase SX, Steinberg Wavelab, Steinberg Mastering Edition

Additional equipment

Mic Pres: Aphex 107 Tubessence Dual Channel Mic Preamp, ART Dual Tube Mic Preamp, ART Pro MPA Dual Tube Mic Preamp, ART Tube Mic Preamp, DBX 286 Project 1 Mic Preamp/Processor, DBX 586 Dual Vacuum Tube Preamp, Event EMP-1 Microphone Preamp
Primary use Secondary use
Recording Demos
Recording level MIDI level
High Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians More than 100