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Future plans/projects

Live recording service and post-production studio ► Make live demo CDs and get better gigs ► Live tracks for your studio project ► Live audio for your video project ► Bands, Songwriters, Church Programs and Stage Productions ► Indoors or Outdoors


Fender USA Telecaster, Epiphone Emporer II (lefty), Gibson EB-0 bass, Martin HD-28, Larrivee OM-03 (lefty), Guild JF-30-12, Carvin SC-90 (lefty), Electromuse lap steel, Fender P-Bass Special (lefty), Guild Starfire IV, Regal acoustic-electric resonator bass, Goldtone Maple Classic 250 banjo, Goldtone Cripple Creek banjo (lefty)


1963 Hammond A-100 Console, m-Audio Oxygen8 USB, E-MU X-Board49 USB

Sound modules

E-MU Proteus 1


Fruity Loops


Art Multiverb, Zoom RFX-1000, Alesis NanoCompressor/Limiter, Behringer MDX-2200 Compressor, Beheringer SNR-2000 Denoiser


(1) Shure SH-55 "Elvis", (2) Marshall MXL-2001 condenser with shock mounts and pop filters, (4) Marshall MXL-603s condensers with shock mounts, (2) Shure SM-57, (4) Samson R11


Phonic HELIX Board 18 Firewire, Tascam M-08, Behringer Eurorack UB802

Tape decks


Hard disk recorders

Philips 765 dual-deck


Crate SPA-200, Crate SPA-400, Peavey 388S, (2) Optimus 3-way 15" mains, Peavey 12M, (4) Sony CD180 headphones, Crate 5-Channel Headphone Amplifier


Dell C610 laptop, 1Ghz processor, 1GB RAM, 2x30 GB Internal HDD; (2) Sony External IEEE1394 CD-RW; (2) IBM 80GB External HDD

Music software

ProTools, Sony Sound Forge Studio 8.0, Sony Acid 6.0, Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro, Adobe Premiere 5 Audio/Video Suite, Finale Notepad

Additional equipment

Guitar amps: Tube Works 9100, Ampeg B2R, Fender CyberTwin, Crate BHX-220

Additional notes

Capture the energy and audience response from your LIVE performance!


Primary use Secondary use
Other Jamming and Fun
Recording level MIDI level
High Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians