Home Studio Registry: Dean Ulmer

Future plans/projects

To keep doing what I do best. Writing, Producing, Playing, Growing and Learning


Fender Am. Strat, Fender Strat. with Roland GA-30/GR-30 synth hook-up , Reverse 68 Strat with Abigail Yabarra 1969 pick-ups, Fender Telecaster. Gibson Standard Les Paul, Gibson 1957 Les Paul Gold Top Re-issue, Gibson 1961 Dot 335 Re-issue, Danelecto 12 String, Fender P-Bass, Taylor Parlor, Alverez Concert Master Acostic, Ginianni 1950 Classical. Custom Re-modeled Alverez Roadster that carries my name, Fender Resonator, Rickenbacker 360


A full set of 1975 Slingerlands, Alesis SR16 Drum Machine, Yamaha Drum Pads


Lexicon MPX 100, Aphex 104 Ariel Exciter with Big Bottom. MAckie CFX 20 Mixing board also loaded with effects


Shure SM58, Roland DR20 and Octiva Condenser


Mackie CFX 20

Hard disk recorders

Alesis ML9600 Master Link (2.0)& Roland VS-1680 (2.01)


Pioneer and Korg Head Phones, (4 Sets) Event 20/20 P Studio Monitors


HP 7275z with wayyyy too much memory

Music software

Logic and Acid

Additional equipment

Behringer Magician 1950 T Vacuum tube 8 Ch interface, Several Furman power supplies. Behringer Headphone Amp. And a seemingly endless amount of cables of all sizes and shapes. Guitar Stands and etc.

Additional notes


Primary use Secondary use
Recording Demos
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 21-40