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Primary use Secondary use Recording knowledge level MIDI knowledge level
Demos Recording Above average Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 21-40

Future plans/projects

Someday finish a complete album.


1978 gibson ES-175, 2005 Ayers Acs Acoustic guitar, 1985 Fender Broadcaster, 1982 Ibanez AM-50, 1979 Doc Froc. OLP E-Bass


I'm a guitar player.

Sound modules

Roland GR-30


Steinberg Groove Agent


I sold them all, I only have floor pedals for live gigs, otherwise I use plug-ins.


Neumann TLM 103, Rode NT-1, Rode NT-3, Rode NT-5 stereo pair, Groove Tubes GT55, Fame Bass drum Mike, Shure SM-57, Generic SB-57


Fostex VF-16

Hard disk recorders

Fostex VF-16


Event Tuned Reference 8, Headphones AKG K240 DF, AKG K141,


AMD Athlon 2400+, 1x 160 GB 7200, 1x 80 GB 7200, 1500 MB ram

Music software

Cubase SX, Hypersonic 1, Band in a box, Guitar Pro 5.1, Finale Guitar

Additional equipment

RME Digi 96 Audio Card, RME Octamic D Mic Preamp and ADAT converter, FMR Really nice Preamp,FMR Really nice Compressor, TL Audio 5050 Valve Pre-amp and compressor Ivory Series, Xotic RC-Booster,Xotic AC Booster, Boss RV-3 Delay Reverb,Digitech Jam Man Looper,Line 6 DL-4 Delay Modeler, Pro Co Rat, Boss Chorus Ensemble,Boss Dynamic Wah,Ernie Ball Stereo Volume Pedal,Guitar amps: 1974 Fender Deluxe Reverb, 1950's Gibson Hawk, Fender Pro Junior Tweed amp, AER Compact 60 Acoustic amp etc.


My studio is used generally for my demos, teaching purposes, but I also do live recordings. In Jazz, Classical. Rock, etc.