Home Studio Registry: David Criswell

Future plans/projects

If I can get the quality high enough, maybe a home-grown "album" on cassette or CD


Carvin DC-135T, Samick ES-335 copy, Sigma acoustic, Fender P-Bass


Yamaha PSR-85

Sound modules

Software wavetable


Keyboard drums


Zoom 505, Boss RV-3, Boss Flanger, Epiphone stereo chorus amp


El Cheapo Radio Shack (there's an SM57 or 58 in my future)


None (Computer-based)

Tape decks

JVC stereo mixdown deck with mixable mic input


Altec Lansing PC speakers, JVC headphones


Dell Dimension P166, 2GB IDE drive, 2GB SCSI drive with Adaptec controller, 48 MB RAM, Sound Blaster 16 and Turtle Beach Daytona PCI sound cards

Music software

N-Track, Powertracks Pro Audio, various shareware/freeware

Additional equipment

Cables, cables, cables

Additional notes

I've fiddled around with recording a lot but this is my first attempt at my own home studio. Tips and tricks welcome :)

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Jamming and Fun
Recording level MIDI level
Just learning Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone Less than 5