Home Studio Registry: Dave Boulden

Future plans/projects

To get round to actually doing some more recording instead of remodelling and rewiring my studio ;o)


Maison FP/PP, Marlin Bass, Encore Semi-acoustic, Stagg M50E Mandolin


Roland Fantom X7 w.SRX06, SRX07 and SRX09 exp. cards, Yamaha Motif ES7 + BC-3 breath controller, Roland JV90 w.JV1 expansion + SRJV01 Pop Exp., Yamaha SY85, Casio CZ-101

Sound modules

Siel EX80 (analogue)


Roland TD-6 V-Drums, Roland R5, Clay Bongos, Indonesian Hand Drum


Behringer XV-AMP, Behringer Composer MDX2100, Korg A5


Gatt LD-6 condenser, Behringer B5, 4x Tekstar PCM6100, Shure SM57 + SM58, Samson S12, Electrovoice MC150, Tandy PZM


Yamaha i88x connected via mLan to Yamaha 01x, Yamaha 01v with MY8AT ADAT board connected to i88x via ADAT for 24 simultaneous input channels via mLan over Firewire to Adaptec 4300 firewire card in PC.

Tape decks

Philips DCC951, Memorex SCT88 HXPRO cassette, Teac V250


Samson C-Control, Denon PMA-350SE amp, Spirit Absolute 2 nearfields, Samson C-Que8 headphone amp, rebadged AKG K55 monitor headphones


Self built Pentium 4 3.2GHz (with HT), 2GB Ram, 2x80GB HD for programs, 2x200Gb SATA HD as RAID0 array for audio, Asus P5GD2 Motherboard, Gigabyte Geforce 6800GT video card, dual screen Dell 24" TFT monitor at 1920x1200 and Dell 20" LCD monitor at 1600x1200, Adaptec 4300b Firewire card (for mLan connection), Dual layer DVD writer and CD rewriter. Midiman USB Midisport 4x4.

Music software

Cubase SX3, JamStix virtual drummer VSTi.

Additional equipment

A whole bunch of percussion odds'n'sods, some no-name guitars, and various free plug-in effects and instruments for Cubase.
Primary use Secondary use
Composition Jamming and Fun
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone 61-100