Home Studio Registry: Craig McDonald

Future plans/projects

I have recorded 4 full 'Heavy-Instrumental-Rock' albums so far, "Energize" - 2000, "Mood-Swing" - 2001, "Music-Box" - 2003 and a soon to be released even heavier new album "Galaxy" in Dec 2004 / Jan 2005.


I only use 'Ibanez' guitars. I have played these guitars for years and have a collection of 6 x 'RG' models. All have been slightly modified (pickups / switching).


I am only using a 'Casio' keyboard at the moment, but it proved to be very valuable and versatile in the production of the last album. I will continue to use this keyboard as it is very easy to operate, and the sounds are very good. (using your imagination and some crazy guitar effects as well !!)

Sound modules

I am not using anything MIDI at the moment. In the production of my music, I have not used MIDI and still have had outstanding results.


I am using a 'Boss - Dr.Rhythm 550' for my drum sounds, and have been using this machine for many years. I have really perfected the programming side of things, I fully understand this machine and the sounds are great. Remember, it comes down a lot to the actual programming of the maching which makes it sound good or not.


I am using a 'Digitech' RP21d guitar effects processor, but mainly the effects on my 'Zoom MRS-1608'-16 track hard disc recorder. These units have many useable effects, and are also easy to operate.


I generally record direct, but have 'miked up' before using a pretty cheap 'Samson' microphone, still with pretty good results. For me, going direct gives me the results I really like without the hassle of setting up a microphone.


I am using the 'Zoom MRS-1608'-16 track hard disc recorder which has a built in mixing board on the unit.

Tape decks

I generally run a copy of the master mix onto my 'Onkyo' stereo tape deck just so I can have a listen to it whilst in the car. Always best to hear the mix there I reckon..!!

Hard disk recorders

A mentioned above, I am using a 'Zoom MRS-1608'-16 track hard disc recorder at the moment, it is awesome !!


I have two monitoring systems, one is through a normal 25 watt 'Panasonic' stereo unit so I can hear the final mix via standard speakers. The second system can be switched directly through a set of 'Roland' 20 watt powered studio monitors for a comparison of the both. I find this a good mix of speakers, which haven't let me down yet. I am also using a set of 'Digital' monitoring headphones for those late night mixdowns when you just have to keep it quiet !!


I am not using any computer based recording equipment at the moment. I still really like the 'hard disc' recorders.

Music software

No software is required for my recording operation at this moment. (but I,m sure it will come in the future.??)

Additional equipment

I have a stand alone 'Phillips' CD burner which is connected via an optical cable direct from my hard disc recorder. Once I am happy with the mix, I will burn a copy onto CD, then I take this CD to another friends studio, which is much larger and computer based. We then do final mastering there. (although the stereo mix cannot be changed, we just polish up a few things). I can also burn the data onto CD from my 'Zoom MRS-1608' for back up.

Additional notes

"Heavy - Instrumental - Rock" - Some people say that the guitar solo is dead !! Not for me !! - I have just completed my 4th, and 'best yet' Heavy-Instrumental-Rock' album and still going strong !! I have recorded all of my albums in my home studio, played all the instruments and they all sound great. If you are into Satch, Vai or Petrucci - and you must be otherwise you wouldn't be on this site right !! Check out my song samples from all of my albums on my website, plus read the latest music magazine reviews, then let me know what you think !! "Maccarocks" - Melbourne, Australia. www.maccarocks.com.au

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Commercial work
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone 41-60