Home Studio Registry: Cliff Wanner

Future plans/projects

Finished up the 1st ZuZu's Petals CD called "Bloom", and starting work on the 2nd CD. Still laying tracks for the 3rd release with Bill Legge. The first was "Starving Artist", 2nd is called "3rd and Inches". Check 'em out at www.billlegge.com Third CD release in the works for The Daniel Ray Edwards Band.


Lefty guitars all: Fender American Dlx Strat; Line 6 Variax w/Roland GK-3 pickup; G&L S-500 Strat; Ibanez RG570L; Ibanez 1570L; Charvel 80's hair metal guitar!; Dean Baby Z; Schecter Diamond 7 String; Carvin AE185; Adamas 1597; Ibanez Acoustic; Ovation 12 String; Ibanez 5 string bass


Alesis QS7.1

Sound modules

Roland GR-20 guitar synth; Alesis Nano Piano; Ensonic ESQ-M


5 piece DW kit; LP Congas; Alesis HR-16; Various percussion


Alesis Quadraverb; Digitech 2101; ART Tube Pac; Line 6 Podxt Live; Etc... I rarely use outbourd effects anymore. I mostly use plug-ins and stay in the computer.


Shure KSM44; (2) AKG 391; AKG 535; Shure Beta52; Audio Technica ATM25; AKG D112; (3) AKG C418; (1) AKG C419; (5) Shure Beta57; (3) Shure Beta56


Soundtracs PC series 24x16 w/ MIDI automated mute scenes

Tape decks

Teac 88 - 1/2" 8 Track


Mackie 1200 pwr amp; Pair Alesis Monitor 2's; Pair noname powered speakers; (8) Various headphones


Dell Dimension 4500, P4 - 2Ghz, 1GB RAM, 40GB IDE, 18GB 15K RPM SCSI (for audio); Layla24 and LaylaEXP(16 In/16 Out 24bit); CD-R and DVD-R

Music software

Sonar 4 Producer; Sound Forge 6; Reason; Various plug-ins

Additional equipment

DW drum kit; Peavey combo amp; Hartke bass amp; mini fridge stocked with variety of good beer.

Additional notes

Check out sample recordings (and a couple of pictures of Big Red Dog studio) at www.billlegge.com.

More sample recordings at www.crazyhearse.com

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Jamming and Fun
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone More than 100