Home Studio Registry: Clement Yonkers

Future plans/projects

Very self indulgent solo album project in the works. Always looking for sound design work. :)


- GUITARS -<BR> (2) Carvin V220 (w/Roland GK2 Synth Pickup)<BR> Ibanez RG7420 7 string<BR> Yamaha RGX 603a (Active Electronics)<BR> Alvarez Acoustic Guitar w/peizo and soundhole pickups with blend<BR> Washburn Six String Bass w/Active Electronics<BR> 10 String Chapman Stick<br> tons of old oddball guitars<BR> - MAIN GUITAR AMPLIFICATION -<BR> Tascam MM1 - MIDI Controlled 24 Channel Mixer<BR> ADA MP1 - Tube Pre-Amp<BR> Roland GP-16 - Multi-Effects Processor<BR> Roland GP-100 - Multi-Effects Processor<BR> (2) Boss VF-1 - Multi-Effects Processors<BR> ADA MicroCab - Cabinet Simulator<BR> Digital Music MX8- MIDI Patch Bay/Processor<BR> Roland GR-50 - Guitar Synthesizer<BR> Roland JV-880 - Multi Timbral Synth Module<BR> Akai VX-90 - Digitally Controlled Analog Synth<BR> Roland MKS-50 - Digital Synth w/Analog Filters<BR> Peavey Bass-Fex- Multi Effects Unit<BR> Digitech S-100 - True Stereo Multi-Effects Unit<BR> Carvin DCM-1000 - Stereo Power Amp<BR> Pair of SoundTech 2-way Monitors<BR> (2) Lake Butler RFC-1 - The Ultimate Programmable MIDI Footswitch<BR> Lake Butler CFC-4 - Four Programmable Continuous Control Pedals<BR> - Misc Guitar Related -<BR> Nobles/Fender Stereo Pak - Guitar Pre/Headphone Amp With Speaker Emulation<BR> Korg ToneWorks Pandora PX1 - Personal Multi Effect Processor <BR> Masco Tube PA amp converted for use as a guitar amp (sweet!)


Casio CZ-101, FZ-1<BR> Yamaha SY-22

Sound modules

Akai s700 Sampler<BR> Casio CZ-101<BR> Kawai K4r<BR> Peavey Peavey DPM SP - Digital Sampler, SX II - SCSI Stereo Sampler Module<BR> (2)Roland MKS-50<BR> Roland S-330 Sampler<BR> Roland S-550 Sampler w/RC-100<BR> Roland U-220<BR> Roland D-110<BR> Roland PMA-5<BR> Roland MV-30<BR> Yamaha TX81z<BR> Yamaha TG-33<BR> MIDI Express PC Notebook - 6-in/8-out MIDI/SMPTE interface/patchbay/merger<BR> JLCooper 8x8 MIDI Patchbay<BR> Peavey LM-16 16 channel rack mixer


Yamaha DTS-70 - Trigger to MIDI Converter<BR> Alesis D-4 - Trigger to MIDI Converter and Sound Module<BR> Akai XE8 Drum Expander - Drum Sound Module<BR> Roland D-110 - Rack Mount L/A Synth Module<BR> Peavey DPM SP - Digital Sampler<BR> Custom Designed Electronic Drum Set<BR> Snare<BR> Double Bass (2 Axis pedals w/trigger conversion kit)<BR> 4 Toms<BR> Pintech Electronic Cymbals<BR> 10 additional Custom pads and bar triggers<BR>


(2) ART IEQ - Programmable 2/3 Octave EQ<BR> Yamaha SPX-90<BR> Yamaha Dual 31 Band EQ<BR> (3)DBX 163x - Compressors<BR> (4)DBX - Noise Gates<BR> (2)Aphex Aural Exciter<BR> Alesis Micro Enhancer<BR> Dynacord - Reverb/Delay<BR> Digitech IPS-33 - Pitch Shifter<BR> A.R.T. SGE Mach II<BR> A.R.T. ProVerb<BR> Korg Multi EQ<BR> Peavey MAP 8X4 - Programmable Audio Router<BR>


Assorted Microphones, several Large and small diaphram condensers, many standard and oddball dynamic


Roland VM3100pro<BR> (2)Mixer 7s - 14 Channel Computer Controlled Mixer (cue mixes) Mackie 1604<BR>


Event 20/20<BR> Hafler Amp


Event Layla Digital I/O, Roland RPC-1 Computer Interface, 700mhz Athalon, lotsa disk drives

Music software

Sonar XL 2<br> Fruity Loops

Additional notes

Studio is mostly for personal use but is available for solo/duo artists wishing to create demos.

Primary use Secondary use
Composition Demos
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles