Home Studio Registry: Chuck Pedersen

Future plans/projects

Planning to add V-drums in the near future. Also planning on building new studio sometime in the future (5 - 7 years). Size not yet determined.


Les Paul Custom, Kramer, Fender Acoustic, Carvin


Roland D-50 (w/valhala sound cards), JV-80, 2 XP-50's (expanded), XP-80, Juno-106, Mini-Moog, Moog Liberation, Hammond B-3, Bell Accordian, Roland limited edition AX-1B, Jan Hammer special edition Lync remote controller.

Sound modules

Roland S-550 sampler, Roland U-110, Midiator MP128-s (2 in, 8 out, smpte).


Roland TR-505


Alesis Quadraverb, Digitech Studio 200, Behringer FX unit and modulizer.


Variety of Shure and Audio Technica.


Mackie 24 x 4, Mackie 1402 vlz.

Tape decks

Tascam DA-20 MK-II, Teac porta-stuido 488, Philips dual CD recorder/player, Alesis Adat, Teac dual cassette deck, Fisher cassette deck.

Hard disk recorders

Roland VSR-880


Alesis Stuido One with RA-100 amp, Optimus and Sony headphones, Mackie SRM-450 (2).


Gateway G6-300 w/21" monitor, 10 gig hd, 64 mg ram, windows 95. Epson Stylus 780 printer.

Music software

Cakewalk Pro-Audio 9.

Additional equipment

Bose 901 series and Cerwin Vega speakers used mainly for testing master mix. Ulitimate and Quik-Lok support stands.

Additional notes

In addition to composing and recording my own material, I write, arrange, and record material for a few local artists. On the side from my regular studio work, I also orchestrate, arrange, and perform material for a local choral group. My own material is newage/sci-fi based.

Primary use Secondary use
Composition Recording
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Above average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone 41-60