Home Studio Registry: Chris Jezewski

Future plans/projects

The dedicated studio room is complete and the Auralex acoustic foam is hung throughout the studio, and it sounds great. I am currently constructing a custom built desk which will make the recording process much easier for me. Then it's back to work on recording the rest of the songs to release my first solo album from my own studio.


Fender California Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Ibanez Roadstar II electric, Epiphone Acoustic, Ibanez ATK305 5 string bass


Kurzweil K2500SX


Slingerland 4 pc. kit, TKO 5 pc. Kit, Ludwig 5 pc kit


Digitech RP-7 valve Roland VSEF-2 effects cards for VS-1680, Antares ATR-1 pitch corrector, Digitech Studio Vocalist EX, ART Pro Channel tube mic pre, compressor and EQ, Johnson JM-150 Millenium internal amp effects


Audio Technica Drum kitpak, AKG D112, Marshall XL2001 condenser, Shure SM57, 2-Electro Voice PL-68, Nady Starpower dynamic


Roland VS-1680, Alesis Studio 32

Tape decks

Fostex X-26 Multitracker, Tascam 122 stereo cassette deck

Hard disk recorders

Roland VS-1680


Alesis Monitor-2's, Hafler P3000 power amp, Alesis MEQ-230 eq, Roland, Yamaha and Realistic headphones

Additional equipment

Auralex acoustic foam, Hohner harmonicas, Furman rackrider 15-nl power supply, ETA power supply, Johnson JM-150 amplifier, Rocktron 40w amplifier, guitar rack, mic stands and cables, etc
Primary use Secondary use
Recording Practice and Rehearsal
Recording level MIDI level
Average Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles