Home Studio Registry: Cheryl Love-Diaz

Future plans/projects

I plan to start my own label


PRS custom 22 artist w/one piece burl maple top, custom carvin 7 string, ibanez universe 7 string, scecter damien 7 string, ibanez cheap 7 string rg series,fender 5 string p-bass, ibanez 5 sring soundgear w/active electronics


Korg micro x synthesiser,

Sound modules

M-audio keystation 49e, m-audio axiom 25


Roland mv8800, alesis sr16, big fish audio kits, reason


Boss gt8, various plug ins,boss pedals,alsess uadrverb, rcktrn hush,


Senheiser, shure


16 channel behringer(its cheap, but it gets the job done

Tape decks


Hard disk recorders

Roland mv8800, tascam dpo1fx/cd


I use powered m-audio bx 8a studio moniters, i use jbl jrx100 speakers for my pa and certain playback


Hewitt packard media center. 2 gb ram, 300 gb harddrive,

Music software

Reason, sonar 6, rapture, dimension pro, project 5, various big fish audio plug ins and loops, various m-audio pro sessions sound and loops,

Additional equipment

Mesa boogie triple rectifier full stack, line 6 hd147 amp, laney 50 watt aor tube lead series amp, gallien kruger bass stack, misc. other amps, cabinets, floor moniters, pedals r
Primary use Secondary use
Recording Composition
Recording level MIDI level
Average Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles