Home Studio Registry: Charles Bunce

Future plans/projects

Continue to upgrade equipment and increase clientele.


Epiphone Sunburst Les Paul, Charvelle, Hondo II, and a Peavey bass.


Ludwig 7-piece


Crate BFX1000, PreSonus BlueMax Compressor/Limiters, dbx266 compressor/limiter, PreSonus BlueTube tube preamp, Roland effects cards for VS-1880


2 AKG C3000's, 2 CAD NDM-10's, 1 CAD NDM-11, 1 Sennheiser E602 Bass Drum Mic, 1 Shure SM-57, plus a few SM57-type clones...


Mackie 1402, and Crate MX842 powered mixer

Tape decks

Why use analog?!....when there's CDR!! Marantz CDR-630

Hard disk recorders

ROLAND VS-1880 digital workstation


Event PS-5's

Additional equipment

Marshall JM900 100W head, Randall 4x12 cabinet, 2 Earth 4x10 cabinets, Fender BX100 Bass amp

Additional notes

My main schtick is that I try to keep everything as portable as possible so I can bring the "studio" to my clients.

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Recording
Recording level MIDI level
Average Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles