Home Studio Registry: Chad Henderson

Future plans/projects

Production of local bands demos in South Carolina; upgrade to "full function" studio and record for a living. Complete and publish my demo


2 Les Pauls, Jackson V, Epiphone V, Acoustic- Alvarez, Washburn 12 string, Stapleton 6 string


Yamaha, Wurlitzer console w/ wood sounding board


Yamaha 5 piece, Roland TR-626


Boss BE-5, Alesis Quadroverb Plus, Alesis Nanoverb, Zoom 9001


Electro-voice cardioid, E/V ND757b, Shure SM57, Samson dynamic cardioid, Shure "cheapo" version of SM-57


Mackie 24.4

Tape decks

Tascam DA-30mkII, Alesis ADAT xt, Yamaha MT-8x, Sony dual cassette deck


Alesis point sevens, 100 watt reference amplifier, Koss headphones, cheap boom box, car stereo

Additional equipment

Micro gate, Micro enhancer, Micro limiter, 31 band parametric EQ, off name direct box, Golden Throat talk box, guitar stomp box effects (various)

Additional notes

This may seem like a strange collection of stuff, but it seems to work. It has for me. I get the sounds I want, and I would appreciate any advice to help me get better at recording. I am determined to allow the bands in my area the chance to make a good demo without spending an arm and a leg. I figure it will also help me with recording my songs.

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Composition
Recording level MIDI level
Average Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 21-40