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Future plans/projects

Demos and ideas for band and album recording. Producing demos for others.


'58 RI Les Paul, '59 RI Historic Les Paul,'56 RI Les Paul Gold Top w/Lollar P-90s, White '62 RI Master Built Custom Shop Strat, Beige '56 Master Built hardtail Strat, Martin D28, Collings Acoustic, Fender Precision Bass (deluxe version with extra Jazz bass pickup). Danelectro (Jimmy Page) with lipstick pickups for slide, Hiram Bullock model Cort guitar.


None anymore...

Sound modules

None anymore...


Acid Drum Loops, VST Groove Agent, Backbeat by SpectraSonics, new Roland DR-880 Drum machine.


TC Electronics G Force, Avalon 737 pre-amp. Lots and lots of stomp boxes. Hughes and Kettner Rotopshere, KlonCentaur, Fulltone OCD and on and on and on.


AKG 3000B, Neuman TLC 103, Shure 58s, Shure 57s.


MACBook Pro, Digidesign Mini MBox2

Tape decks

Roland VS 2480 24 track hard drive digital recording Nakimichi MR2 tape deck

Hard disk recorders

Roland VS 2480, Cubase SX/ Score, and NEW Acid PRO 60 which is the greatest thing -- RECORDING YOUR STUFF OVER EXISTING LOOPS YOU ARRANGE -- FANTASTIC.


Tannoy 6.5 PBMs.


MAC BookPro

Music software

Cubase SX. Pro Tools LE 7. ACID Pro 6.0, Band in a Box, lots of Loops and MIDI files

Additional equipment

Amps: Fuchs 50 Overdrive Supreme w/SLXM mod, Fuchs Triple Drive Special 100 Watt, Bogner Ecstasy 101 B w/class A option, '59 Fender Bassman, '59 Fender Harvard. Lots of Speaker cabinets - Fulton Webb 1X15 and 2X12

Additional notes

Louisiana bred, now in Austin Texas, I've been playing guitar for almost 30 years now, not as career but as life passion, still loving it and learning. Thanks to Austin Vintage Guitars for giving me new ears. Playing live is best and loving all styles, but in the end things like Little Feat w/Lowell, the Meters, Larry Carlton (circa Steely Dan era) and Eric Johnson catch my ears.

Primary use Secondary use
Composition Demos
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians More than 100