Home Studio Registry: Brent Ellis

Future plans/projects

Continue producing CDs for local artists and release more Jazz CDs of my own. Publish my own guitar course.


Takamine classical MIDI . Fender Telecaster Elite with a Roland MIDI interface. Gibson Howard Roberts Custom. Godin Jazz Multiac. Godin grand master nylon string acoustic.


Yamaha CLP-350

Sound modules

General MIDI sound cards, Roland GS-64, Roland BD-1, Roland SE-1, Yamaha TX-7 (x3),


Phil Robertson is the best for online custom drum tracks.


Roland DEP-5, Roland GP-8 and software plug-ins. Also Voodu Valve guitar processor.


Shure SM-57s , Neuman TLM-103 and others


RME UFX Fireface / SAWSTUDIO software / StudioOne software

Tape decks

Mostly just burn mixes directly to CD from SAWstudio.


Bose 802, Bose 301 Continental. Tannoy Reveal.


HP Z1 all in one PC with 27" quad HD monitor, 3.3ghz xeon processor, 2x512 flash drives, 4 gigs of ram, usb 3 i/o.

Music software

IQS SAWSTUDIO, Encore 5.1, many software audio plugins

Additional equipment

2 large external hard drives, USB 8 x 8 MIDI interface. Pentium 2.226 and 2 Delta 1010lite soundcards for 20 channels of live recording at clubs.

Additional notes

I studied guitar as a Jazz major at Western Washington University.

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Demos
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians More than 100