Home Studio Registry: Bobby Tomlin

Future plans/projects

In house CD burning, mastering, total band recording..Soon to start a publishing company to publish recordings for release. Will also be producing artist to shop their demos for a record deal.


Floyd Rose Stratocaster and an Ovation acoustic


Roland D-20..used for midi controller mainly

Sound modules

Korg X5DR, Roland Sound Canvas SC-50, Boss Dr. Sample SP-202 and Turtle Beach Malibu sound card featuring the Kurzweil Sound Engine


All keyboards and modules have a variety of kits in them.


MR-1 Reverb Unit I mainly use the effects in the digital audio programs


EV MC300


Mackie 1202

Tape decks

Sony Dat and Toshiba 2 track cassette

Hard disk recorders

PC Based


Bose sp202 Shelf speakers, 50 watt power amp and hot spot head phones(mount directly in ear)


IBM PC..two 4.3 gig ultra DMA hard drives, 128Meg of ram, 233 cyrix processor, Turtle Beach Malibu Sound Card, Syquest ez135 for off system storage

Music software

Sound Forge 4.0, Digital Orchestrator, Gina Cool Pro Edit and Calkewalk 6.0 Visions for my Mac (strictly for MIDI Sequencing) and Master Trax Pro for the Mac

Additional equipment

Roland MPU-104 midi input selector, Macintosh Quadra 610 for Midi Sequencing Laser Writer Select for Lyric and Notation printing. Mac nexus Midi interface and joystick port midi interface(PC)

Additional notes

I have been recording for the last 6 years and my home studio has evolved to this, from my d-20 sequencer and a analog 4 track recorder!!! We've come a long way baby!!!!!!

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Composition
Recording level MIDI level
Average High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles