Home Studio Registry: Billy Marsh

Future plans/projects

To keep making music, and finding the inspiration for it in anything and everything.


Rickenbacker, Dano 12-string, Fender Tele, Washburn "Nuno", Hamer Destroyer, Peavey Predator, "Homer" MIDI Guitar (Shadow SH-075 Guitar-to-midi converter), Ovation Celebrity, Ibanez Bass.


Yamaha PSR-510, Yamaha SHS-10R, Yamaha PSS-470

Sound modules

Roland SC-55, SBLive (for soundfont usage).


Roland Electronic drum set w/TD-5 sound module, Yamaha DD-6, tin cans, trash cans....


Boss GT-3, POD, lots of software plug-ins, Zoom Studio 1204, Alesis NanoCompressor, tons of guitar pedals, an old Zoom unit.


Rode NT-1, 2 Shure SM-57's, Sony stereo mic for recording samples on my mini-disc, Radio Shack PZM, Radio Shack Condenser, various cheapies


Mackie 1402, Fostex DMT-8VL, old four-track Tascam for funky sounds.

Tape decks

Fostex DAT, Fostex DMT-8VL, JVC Hi-Fi VCR, Fisher Studio Standard Cassette Deck, numerous other cassette decks and reel-to-reels.

Hard disk recorders

Fostex DMT-8VL


Yorkville monitors


1.4 GIG Thunderbird with 512 megs ram and over 100 gigs storage.

Music software

Cakewalk Pro Audio, Cubase, Acid Pro, FruityLoops, Cool Edit 2000, Making Waves.

Additional equipment

Amps : Fender Champ, Princeton Chorus, Peavey VTM Classic with 4 10" speakers, Boss 10 watt practice amp, Scholz Rockman.

Additional notes

The song is everything - don't let technology get in the way. Find inspiration in the simple things; that's what counts.

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Commercial work
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Above average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone 21-40