Home Studio Registry: Billy Jerich Frederick

Future plans/projects

More Guitar mixed with Orchestral Melody's.Heavy but subtle more progressive metal without the clique's


BC Rich and string Handmade Custom's w/Dimarzios Ron Lucca 7 String ArchTop Peavey "Vandenberg" 1988 Model Custom w/EMG's Ron Lucca 7 String Strats w/EMG's


Korg Trinty 76 Roland XP-90 Various Studio Plug-in's

Sound modules

Planet Phat Ensemble various Plug-in's


VST.Modern Drums Roland 707 (local student who is bored)


Peavey Kosmos EvenTide Eclipse Avalon Vt-737sp w/Groove tubes Focusrite "liquid" Daking Pre/eg Daking Mic Pre Yamaha spx all 5 of them 100.200.300,400,500


Blue 8 Ball various Sure sm 57's&58's Crown 302,305sh alot of crapper ones for scream-o tracks hehe!!!


Digi-design console 24

Tape decks


Hard disk recorders

2) Mac G5 with SeaGate Drivers


Yamaha NS-10 w/Blow out fuse (Daking custom work)Powered by Crown Micro tech KRK V8's Powered by Peavet Cs-800 Adam SA2 Powered by Byston


2) G5 Mac with seagate drivers almost up to a trigabit.

Music software

Pro Tools HD 5.1 Waves Platnium Plus ins from everywhere heheh!!!

Additional equipment

Billy 7 Power amps and pre tubes they are one of my secrets for my distortion techniques. I am getting known for Heavey metal/Black metal/Grind metal styles of wall of sound distortion that can be understood without all the mud

Additional notes

I work with alot of local bands on getting a sound to work with. I focus on new stuff verses well this works, and to be quick at it helps. I could never record or work with something/someone I did not enjoy the music with.Then i would be like 99% of the recording industry just wanting a paycheck. I do it because I am a musician first and a fan second.

Primary use Secondary use
Composition Practice and Rehearsal
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Above average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 61-100