Home Studio Registry: Bill Gary

Future plans/projects

To expand and ti incorperate


Choice of 25 guitars and bases, multi brands, and electric sitar, midi guitar


2 tamaha, 1 casio, 1 mini moog

Sound modules

1 yamaha expansion unit, computer midi instruments


Tama set, 8 mikes w/ separate comp and effects, Congas, Various drum units


Rolland/Multivox echoplex several alesis and beherringer units. 20 or more separate boxes for guitar, Rack units for guitar boss, yamaha, rocktron Too many to write here.


At least 30 various mikes and 2 large diaphram.


Have 4 in use, One for drums only, One for vocals, One for instruments. Allows separate inline effects to be added

Tape decks

Have a 4 and 2 track Teac reel 2 reel. 8 Track Tascam cassette.


Full PA, Crown and Peavey power amps, Yamaha 15s w/ Horns. Cerwin Vega 15s with hi end tweeters. 18" acoustic subs


Homemade Computer 2g 8 in 4 out sound card, Can record 8 tracks simutaniously Playback w/ 3>4 effects per channel no problem

Music software

Runs Cakewalk, Emagic, Steinberg or Pro tools, Waves, Harbal and over 500 various effects and music progs of various types

Additional equipment

Marshall, Fender, Sunn guitar heads including a 1966 Bassman. 2 pairs of 4/10 and 4/12 cabs. a 2/10 and 2/12 also Crate 200 bass amp w/ Ev 18 cab, and Sunn Folded 15.

Additional notes

Do most recordings live and overdub if needed. Also do mastering w/ networking to main computer in house. Have nearly everything needed to free up Talent and Creativity to get great recordings.

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Practice and Rehearsal
Recording level MIDI level
High Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians More than 100