Home Studio Registry: Ardie O. Lopez

Future plans/projects

After I get to "streamline" my studio and gear it up more towards audio post production and scoring, I'd like to add to or upgrade my existing gear to be able to handle non-linear video editing. When my budget allows, I'll also up- grade to more high-end / high performance studio gear.


Fender Stratocaster, Morris Tornado Electro-Acoustic, Teisco Telecaster, Ibanez Electric Bass


Korg X3, Yamaha CS1X

Sound modules

Proteus 2XR Orchestral, Alesis D4, E-Mu Proformance Plus


Tama Rockstar Acoustic Drum Set, Latin Percussion Bongos


Ensoniq DP4 Plus, Digitech Studio Quad V2, DOD 512, Lexicon LXP-5, Symetrix Vocal Processor, DBX and Presonus Blue Max Compressors


Audio Technica AT-4033, AKG C-1000, Peavey Bass Drum Mic, Shure SM-57s


Mackie 32 X 8 Buss, Mackie 1402 VLZ

Tape decks

Tascam DA-88, DA-38 ( 2 units ), Tascam DA20 DAT Recorder, Carver TD1440 Cassette Deck


Tannoy System 8, Auratone 5C, Spirit Absolute 4P Active, QSC usa370 Amp, Aphex Tubessence 107 preamp, 1 apir of ART Tube MP's, Audio Technica Headphones, Fostex Headphone Amp


AMD K62-350 Mhz PC, with 256 SDRAM, 6.6 Gigs SCSI Hard Disks, w/ Ricoh MPC2000s CD Recorder

Music software

Cakewalk Pro Audio 8, Sonic Foundry ACID, Sound Forge 4.5, Cool Edit Pro

Additional equipment

Sony U-Matic SP VO-9850 Video Recorder / Player, Sony Video Monitors, Tascam RC-828 Remote Control Unit, JL Cooper PPS-100 Sync Unit

Additional notes

All this new gear coming out too soon, too often is driving me nuts !!

Primary use Secondary use
Commercial work Recording
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Above average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Engineer More than 100