Home Studio Registry: Anton Bernhardt

Future plans/projects

Interactive Medical CD and DVD, Audio and Video Collaboration tools, Video Production, editing NL, "Playerless" Internet audio and Video Streaming, DLDT E-Learning tool CD/DVD-Mastering / Compolations Sound Design Audio Restoration


Acoustic Upright/ Roland U-20

Sound modules

SC50, U-20


AKAI CS1000 AKAI 414 Neuman U90


Beringer Euro-Desk Mackie 1402 VLZ

Tape decks

Tascam DA-20 ADAT LX20,


Roland 250 NS-10 Sony MDR-V400


Intel PIV 1.8ghz MMX 512mb 2x 120gig UDMA, Panasonic 7502 Pioneer DVD Burner

Music software

TripleDAT, Sound Forge, Acid, CakeWalk, CuBase VST, DAT4WIN

Additional equipment

Pulsar, tripleBOARD, MQX32, SCC1, Studio 8, Roland A-880 MIDI PatchBay Spectral SynClock 6400 (Wordclock, LTC, SMPTE, MTC, BlackBurst) Clipstream, Sony DR40, Sony 100 DVCam Camera, Panasonic VR 52 Camera and Premier 7

Additional notes

Audiowerks is no longer a part of Creative Media Consulting. Audiowerks will provide all types of media services. The convergence of Television and the Internet is fast approaching. We work with the health industry, pharmacutical industry, on-line education for integrated (DLDT) Distance Learning Delivery Technology. Our Mission is to provide a "single vendor solution" to create a complete solution encompassing synchronized Rich media content for Internet, Intranet and DVD production.

Primary use Secondary use
Other Other
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other 61-100