Home Studio Registry: Anthony Paganini

Future plans/projects

Working with Favored Nations artist Rob Balducci, Chaos In Canyland EP,


Studio Owns: Ibanez RG guitars, Martin DM Acoustic, Ibanez Basses, and a Woody Phiffer Custom 5 String Bass


Korg T3, Fatar SL990

Sound modules

Alesis QSR, Alesis DM5, Roland TD7 Turbo, EMU Sampler, Alesis Nano Piano


DM5, TD7 Turbo(complete pad kit w/double bass), Tama 5 pc Kit.w/ Maple Piccolo Snare FULLY TRIGGERED AND MIC'd and Iron Cobra Double Bass Pedal


(2) Alesis Quadraverb Plus, (1) Behringer Virtualizer, (1) Microverb 4, (1) Ultramizer, (2) Alesis 3630 Compressors


AKG D112's AKG C418's AKG C1000S's R��DE NT1, Shure SM57's, AKG D12E, Shure Condenser


Behringer MX9000 (with Cybermix)

Tape decks

MD8, MD4

Hard disk recorders



PV2.6C, JBL 4208 Monitors


Custom Built PC

Music software

Sound Forge, CD Architect, Cakewalk, Sonic Foundry VEGAS, GoldWave, TONS of Plug Ins. Including Anteres Vocal Pitch Correction and WAVES Packages.

Additional equipment

Digital Music Corp MX-8 MIDI Patchbay dual 15 band Graphic EQ, 4 48 point Patch Bays, Hartke115XL and 410XL Bass Cabs, GK 800RB Bass head w/Behringer Compression. Marshall 9100 All Tube power amp and Rocktron Voodu Valve preamp. Rocktron PRO GAP preamp for guitars. Fender 85 (small amp) for guitar. 2x12 Custom Built Solid Back Guitar Cab, CD Burner

Additional notes

EXTREMELY affordable rates, including package deals, We aim to please! E-Mail TheMessStudio@aol.com for more info

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Demos
Recording level MIDI level
Above average High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other 61-100