Home Studio Registry: Albert DeGroft

Future plans/projects

Currenly using 1 ADAT and want to upgrade to multiple ADATS via BRC. Add more compression units, and different effects units. Also want to get better mics!


1968 Gibson ES335, 1970's Ovation


None, I get others to play them if I need them, or I go use a friend's Yamaha Grand to play for myself.


Congas, Shakers, Rattlers, Different kits Available from frinds, most vintage. I NEVER use Drum Machines!


Dbx 166A, Alesis Q2, BBE 462, Alesis MEQ 230


Sure SM58s, SM57s, PE32, and Unidyne (vintage)


Mackie 1202 and 24.4

Tape decks

ADAT 8-track and Sony A-7


Alesis Matica 500 pwr. amp, Misc. JBLs and Carvin cones and horns, Motorola pizieos (400 Watt), misc. headphones.


486pc @ 50mhtz, soon to be upgraded to 586@200mhtz. 2.1gigHD, 16meg RAM

Additional equipment

Mesa-Boogie Mark IIC Amp, GK RB400 Bass Amp, 1800's Flat-Back Acoustic Bass. Japaneese copy Electric Bass

Additional notes

I've made some pretty funky recordings on this equipment, and then I've made some great recordings on my old Fostex X-15 4 Tk. Recorder! Patience in your setting up will work wonders in your final product!

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Commercial work
Recording level MIDI level
Above average None
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other More than 100