Home Studio Registry: Adam Kittle


Steinberger XT-2 bass and GT-2 6-string; Memphis 6-string strat, 4-string bass; Ibanez AEG-10 acoustic-electric.


Roland A-90EX and A-500Pro master MIDI controllers, alphaJuno-1, GAIA SH-01, Juno-106, JX-8P; Korg 707, Poly-800; M-Audio Venom.

Sound modules

Roland D-110, JP-08, JU-06, JX-03, two JV-880's, XV-5050; Kawai K1r, K3m; Korg Wavestation SR; Yamaha FS1R, TX81Z; E-mu Proteus/3 World; Waldorf Blofeld.


Roland TR-505, TR-626; Yamaha RX-5; E-mu Procussion.


TC Electronic M-One XL, M-300; Lexicon MPX-550, MX-200; Roland SRV-330; Korg DRV-1000, DRV-2000; Alesis Midiverb 4, Quadraverb Plus; Behringer Autocom compressor/limiter; Akai PEQ-6 programmable EQ; Boss CE-300 Super Chorus; Tech-21 Sansamp GT-2; Vox Tonelab ST; various pedal-driven effects.


AKG C-3000, Shure Beta-58A, Prologue 14L-LC.


Yamaha RM800 24x8x2 mixing console.

Tape decks

Tascam DP-02CF 8-track digital recorder; 488 8-track cassette recorder, DA-30mkII DAT recorder, PortaOne 4-track cassette recorder; Optimus DCT-2000 DCC recorder; Sony MDS-JE510 MD recorder; Aiwa WX-616 and AD-F800 2-track cassette decks; Technics SLPG-480A CD player w/optical output.


Alesis RA-100 studio reference amp, Monitor One NF monitors, M1 Active 320 USB monitors; JBL LSR-305 NF monitors; Kenwood KR-A5040 amp; Yamaha NS-A825 speakers, Optimus Pro-7AV monitors; AKG K270S studio headphones; 10-band stereo frequency analyzer.


Main: i5-6500 w/16gb RAM, 120gb and 500gb SSD's, 500gb HDD; MOTU 2408mkII core system including PCI-424 24/96 audio interface card with 2408mkII and 308 I/O boxes. Backup computer: Mac MDD-2003 G4/1.25 gHz.

Music software

MOTU Digital Performer, Audiodesk, Mosiac notation software, Unisyn synth editor/librarian, Alchemy sample editing software; Adaptec Jam 2.6 CD mastering software and Toast CD authoring software; BIAS Peak LE 4; Waves Platinum; Steinberg Wavelab Elements 9.

Additional equipment

Roland MC-50 and Yamaha QX-21 MIDI sequencers; Roland A-880 and Kawai MAV-8 MIDI patchbays; Yamaha MG 12/4 12x4 and MG102C 10x2 mixers; and Roland M-240 24x2 and Boss BX-800 8x2 line mixers.

Additional notes

Specialize in music recording/composition; CD mastering.

Primary use Secondary use
Composition Commercial work
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone More than 100