Jose Perinan

I am working on a collection (repertory) of songs for live show from December/97 I try to find inspiration for a Andalucia/Rock personal feel Sorry for my bad english. Thanks

Jim Clayton

Would love to collaborate with others and pay for assistance. I am in Knoxville, TN and will respond immediately to emails on the subject of CAKEWALK, MIDI, Recording, and other musical subjects.

Dave Ericsson Smith

I spend so much time working to afford all of my dream gear, I have no free time to be creative and write music. :( Plus... Freakin' anxiety/panic attacks keep me from my life's ambition... I can't play live! It's like stage fright X 1000.

Chuck Schwandt

My studio is Deep in the Smokey mountians. The best processor I have is the mountian view, it brings out creativity and makes the studio a type of vacation. making music. God's handiwork will inspire any musician...


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