Harley Fine

We've been doing analog to digital transfers in our home studio for a couple of years. If you have older analog tapes we can transfer them to digital. Welso have a full service recording mixing mastering service available at zeroville recording

Steve Dillon

I am trying to learn more about how to intergrate my sounds and mix my music so it come out clear and bright. Most interested in getting as much of what;s in my mind and soul onto disk before it's too late. At least once it's committed to tape ot disk it can be used or mixed later even if I'm gone.

Aaron King

Like all studios, ours is constantly being added to, upgraded, and improved.. we have an enormous live room, one reverb hallway, and a nice sized control room.. this studio exists for us and other musicians who work with us to be able to experiment to our heart's content.

David Grant

SoundAbout.net transfers Vinyl, 78's and Tape to CD with Audio Restoration. We also have dedicated software to remove unwanted sounds from recordings - ie 'squeaky chair' 'noise from a door' 'clumsy musician! : )' Free advice on new additional website www.about-guitar-amps.com

Joseph Manalisay

Full service, super relaxed, professional studio that provides artists with tools to be creative and give their best performance without having to worry about hourly charges. reasonable per song rate, pro level recording quality.. sample of recordings available on request. mail to: josephmanalisay@msn.com

Fernando Barragan

We are a recording studio that began in 2001 working as a home studio, untill, the budget increased because of our client demand, and then began working semi-professionally, in Mexico City. Ou specialty is recording Rock and Heavy metal music, because we think it is one of the most, difficult and variable music to record, but that helps us to improve and learn new self-teached methods, because we had to, and we are still learning from our costumers. Talking about me, Fernando, I'm flexible and open-minded, talking about learning anything new everyday.


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