David Thomas Bailey

For using a simple and cheap setup, Black Ink produces consistantly good recordings. It helps to have the finest musicians in Colorado around to give us pointers on recording over the years as well as a couple of engineering classes at University of Colorado at Denver.

Maria Wood

Orange County California based singer songwriter performer. Also one of the few female harmonica player. Playin a rock-blues style influenced by The Pretenders, Bonnie Raitt, Janis Joplin and the ledgendary Billy Holiday and Ertha Kit

Aubrey McMaster

Having to work alone has its drawbacks, but that's what motivates many of us to have home studios in the first place and it really forces you to learn everything you can about the entire recording process. I hope that when I finally have a library to draw from,that it might be said that it was hard to tell that the driver for all harmony/melody tracks was a guitar.

David Smith

Have recorded 2 full length albums of instrumental music on the VS840 so am quite up to speed on its use and how to get decent sounds from an instrument onto the disk


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