Ken Burtch

I couldn't imagine not having my own studio, even when I had just a four track. The ability to record when I want is a freedom that I could not live without. Having a studio, however humble, is good for guitarists as well because it teaches them that there are other instruments in the spectrum and gives them insight into the processes (and pains) of audio recording.

Scott Linder

I pride myself often for never giving up the guitar when I was 11-12 years old. All the other kids wanted to play soccer, but I wanted to play to my favorite records. Now I'm 30 years old and technology couldn't have progressed at a better time. Writing and recording is the best way to release corporate bullshit. Amen!

Bjorn Bojahr

It's a very little studio, I know that, but it's great for writing songs. I'm a good piano-player and I know how to create fantastic sounds using my equipment. Sometimes, this is better than having lots of equipment... BTW: I like Blues/Jazz, Classic, Pop and Electronic Music


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