Jon Barnes

Started recording with a Tascam 4-track about 13 years ago and went completely digital about 8 years ago. I used to enjoy using Logic until Apple scooped them up. Now I just use Cubase. I am not a DAW purist. I will use whatever I am given to work with and will generally work on multiple genres for my own sake. Money is not exactly expected but it would be nice to make a living doing this.

Bobby Jones

Basement Digital Studios is now Studios1 (localboyzhometownmotocross). Specializing in home video production, motocross racing and arena's in Georgia. All web designs are done with Macromedia Studio. Visit us at: www.localboyzhometownmotocross Currently under construction. We do not support the illegal tyrant and pretender-in-chief Obama. FYI.

Bob Freedman

Mostly country music - the studio was built for my own use in producing demos, but I have taken on several projects for other writers. My clients include two publishing companies for whom I produce demos of their writers. My main instrument is guitar, but I have access to several other musicians and vocalists. Sample demos available.


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