Commercial work

Nathan Eldred

We've added a "B" room with a lower cost per day, but with more square footage than the "A" room, which will now primarily become the high end mixing, mastering, and overdub suite. Gear from the A room is transportable to the larger B room to accomodate just about any project. Atlas is what we call a "hybrid" studio. We are neither exclusively "Analog" or "Digital". We use the editing and automation ability of the DAW, with a large selection of Class A, tube and discrete front end, and then mix to tape.

Phil Johnson

Producing the syndicated radio program THE KINGPUP RADIO SHOW - "Small Time Opry" Live Bluegrass, old time, folk music. Now in its 4th season syndicated to over 50 radio stations world wide. Check it out at

Crugie Riccio

Writen many songs have recently been writing for other artists. John Popper, Sanjay Khanna. Just got off the road w/ the J Popper Band. Sang and played in a group out of Hoboken NJ Cycomotogoat. Side writer and guitarist with the Dope Pages NYC. Looking to do mre of the same.


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