Commercial work

Denny Ballard

I prefer to mic acoustic music, but at home it can be problematic. There're too many extraneous interruptions - monsters (I mean kids), flourescent lights, refrigerators..... But I have had some sessions at home that came out really nice. And I do have an LR Baggs passive Ibeam pickup in my Martin with a Baggs preamp I play that through. Kind of wanky, but not a terrible acoustic pickup.

Daniel Elmes

For me it's all about the recording chain and with my Neumann's and the focus-rite pre-amps I get a world class sound that people rave about as soon as they here it.

David Dean

Along with my musical interests, I am very much into computer graphics I also am very into tech related work on computers, My day-gig revolves around these two fields while my weekends and evenings are more into music. I am booked solid every weekend in a variety of musical projects that let me play out, the best p/t job on earth.

Marc Klock

Brand-new recording facility acoustically designed for huge guitar and drum sounds. Main live room 700+ square feet with 20-foot vaulted ceiling and isolation booth. No computer tracking or mixing!


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