Commercial work

Jeff Cohen

DigiMaxx Recording and Post Production is a state of the art digital Production facility. We have the latest from Digidesign in a complete remote capable ProTools HD2 system. Whether it's a music demo or video production, we can handle it. Once in the digital domain, all processing can be software based. Digital Editing and Sweetening are our specialties. With many years of mixing experience, the final product is professional and in sync.

Craig McDonald

"Heavy - Instrumental - Rock" - Some people say that the guitar solo is dead !! Not for me !! - I have just completed my 4th, and 'best yet' Heavy-Instrumental-Rock' album and still going strong !! I have recorded all of my albums in my home studio, played all the instruments and they all sound great. If you are into Satch, Vai or Petrucci - and you must be otherwise you wouldn't be on this site right !! Check out my song samples from all of my albums on my website, plus read the latest music magazine reviews, then let me know what you think !!

Timothy Lee

My home studio has an isolated booth for recording. The whole studio (booth and control room) is constructed with sound absorbing materials and air space specially designed by a qualified Acoustician. We have successfully produced 4 commercial albums thus far. We are targeing 4 albums per year from 2002 onwards.

Brad Neubauer

Main pupose: writing and recording original music that I hope to place in TV- film music libraries (maybe start my own library; any help appreciated!) and thinking about becoming a service provider (i.e. demo packages, CD duping, etc.)


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