Commercial work

Gary P. Alexander

Been building my studio for commercial use (seriously) for about 9 years now. Although I've been collecting equipment, knowledge and working on my playing and technical chops for over 30 years. Music is a business, treat it like a business and you can make a living - don't and you'll spend a lot of money with little other than equipment to show for it. Don't be full of yourself and ask for help when you need it.

Nick Wood

Broadwood Music Productions is a fully professional recording studio. If there are any guitarists who wish to record instrumentals then THIS IS THE PLACE TO RECORD!!! Please email me for details.

Steven Andrews

I am a Producer/Songwriter by trade and am looking forward to working with creative, dedicated and diligent singer/songwriters, hopefully in the Denver, CO area. I am currently working on a collection of R&B dance tracks. I'm also studying various aspects of post sound, since that is one of my many goals.


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