More than 100

K. C. Dunn

This studio has takin me 10 years to build up. We really work at capturing that spontaneous live creative energy that happens when musicians are truely in their element. 16 track time is 30/hr , 32 is 65/hr Remote recording starts at 75 for 2 track Dat, 32track Remote with truck $900.00

Bob Freedman

Mostly country music - the studio was built for my own use in producing demos, but I have taken on several projects for other writers. My clients include two publishing companies for whom I produce demos of their writers. My main instrument is guitar, but I have access to several other musicians and vocalists. Sample demos available.

Albert DeGroft

I've made some pretty funky recordings on this equipment, and then I've made some great recordings on my old Fostex X-15 4 Tk. Recorder! Patience in your setting up will work wonders in your final product!


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