More than 100

Gustavo Gonzalez

I compose in differents styles and also write lyrics in English, Spanish and Italian. I play rock, blues, latin influenced rhythms using a classical guitar with a classic technique. I am very focused in developing melodies and vocal harmonies and also write instrumental pieces.

Jon Yandell

I record, edit and playback Music and Videos on the Dell DAW, and store it all on the IBM. Then Jam along with my Creations and other musicians at my leisure.

Gary Trithart

I use my studio for composing and recording original songs, and occasional demos for other people. I've been recording for 20 years, and have a couple of hundred completed songs. Nothing has ever been published, though I plan to put together an album to sell/distribute online. I'm working currently on a second album of Beatles remakes.

Joe Burba

I started playing guitar at twenty, "sitting in" around Chicago's blues clubs. Eventually I picked up work playing, recording, and touring the US and Canada with various blues ensembles.I've had the oppurtunity to gig at Buddy Guy's Legends, Kingston Mines, Rosa's Blues lounge, the Yale in Vancouver B.C., B.B Kings in Memphis to name a few, as well as some Music Fests around the U.S.

Buddy Gill

Louisiana bred, now in Austin Texas, I've been playing guitar for almost 30 years now, not as career but as life passion, still loving it and learning. Thanks to Austin Vintage Guitars for giving me new ears. Playing live is best and loving all styles, but in the end things like Little Feat w/Lowell, the Meters, Larry Carlton (circa Steely Dan era) and Eric Johnson catch my ears.


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