More than 100

Jason Brennan

Worked with many popular artists including Alanis Morissette, Cher, David Foster and films such as Charlie's Angels, Miss Congeniality, Exit Wounds, The New Guy. Clients include Chris Fogel, Malcom Luker, Edward Shearmur.

John Kline

I work mainly alone, but would never dream of releasing anything without Viv's input. I am also available on a limited basis for consulting, recording, and post-production.

K Daniel Menard

I write mostly long (over 5 min) pieces that might be classed as "New Age", but I prefer to called it "NO Age". I use a lot of pads and guitars, along with organ and piano as well.

K. Daniel Menard

I write mostly longer, pad heavy songs in the vein of what is called "new age". I call it 'NO age"! Nice sounding, moving pieces that go from soft and mellow to loud and radical. I don't do vocals. All leads range from synth, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, violin, and several sounds from the synths. I'm a Christian artist without the "dead religious", traditional sounding music. Sinse I got my new CD burner, things have opened up a lot.I have a lot more chances to be heard by giving a CD to radio station.


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