More than 100

Istvan Peter B'Racz

Guitar was one of my first loves...I still play every now and then, but my main instrument became the piano. A lot of my creative ideas happen on the guitar, still. I love to play it in unusual ways. I enjoy working with other composers of new modern music (all styles). I have started a new concert venue in New Haven called "New Haven Works" for new music. I think that now I have become somewhat of a I'm trying to come-out and squint in the sunscreen...

Lee Bennett

Glad to be practicing the art here in Kailua-Kona, HI ! I have worked with all sorts of styles. I have produced songs for contest winners/ airplay multiple times a week.So- Although it's kinda slow out here - I hope to someday make this knowledge and equipment pay-off. Aloha-Lee

Eugene Green

What i mostly do is production. if ur lookin to make a demo to shop a record deal and need top of the line professional production this is the place to do it.

Michael Sharpe

I record anything for 35.00 an hour. I've done it all. Country, thrash metal, you name it - we redord it, anything but RAP. Please let us direct you to some PC based local studios. Generally speaking we lean towards rock but that's just the demographics of our area.


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