Jimmy Fuentes

The ultimate goal is create the atmosphere of a "musicians playground" in which to be creative either alone or with others with the intention of producing and distributing the music. The format is hard/heavy rock, guitar/drums oriented, always powerful yet sophisticated textures/character. No interest in MIDI. Using computer to record but still using traditional instruments/methods.

Chuck Schwandt

My studio is Deep in the Smokey mountians. The best processor I have is the mountian view, it brings out creativity and makes the studio a type of vacation. making music. God's handiwork will inspire any musician...

Henry Smith

Isn't home recording great? You can do take after take without thinking "This is costing a fortune." As I invest in more equipment I'm still not happy with the end product. Maybe it's because George Martin never had to do a drum mix in a laundry room with a bra hanging over his head. Then again. . .


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