Frank Gingeleit

There are still three CDs available from my "underground" period: "Nightmares and Escapades" (2002), "Megalopolis" (2003), and "Toy Island" (2003). "Lost In The Deep Blue" (originally from 2003) was re-published in 2005 by the German "Fuenfundvierzig" ("forty five") label. Also on "Fuenfundvierzig" you find the Instant Drone Factory (IDF) CDs "Critcal Mass" (2006) and "Live" (out in Germany in 2007, the international distribution will follow a little later in 2008).

Phil Johnson

Producing the syndicated radio program THE KINGPUP RADIO SHOW - "Small Time Opry" Live Bluegrass, old time, folk music. Now in its 4th season syndicated to over 50 radio stations world wide. Check it out at http://www.radioyur.com

Anton Bernhardt

Audiowerks is no longer a part of Creative Media Consulting. Audiowerks will provide all types of media services. The convergence of Television and the Internet is fast approaching. We work with the health industry, pharmacutical industry, on-line education for integrated (DLDT) Distance Learning Delivery Technology. Our Mission is to provide a "single vendor solution" to create a complete solution encompassing synchronized Rich media content for Internet, Intranet and DVD production.

Simon Nelson

I have been spending far too much money on low-quality recording stuff and not enough on going out and having fun. I resolve to do better in future. Honest.


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