Jeff Damon

For the less-experienced home studio owner: invest in the best you can find, subscribe to tape-op,homestudio, any mag to get input from the pros!! mix, EQ all good and needed!!!

Rob Barrick

The studio is a self contained building that is very quiet, comfortable and well suited for folk or other acoustic music. Located in Portland Oregon.

Ken Seebeck

I played guitar with bands in the area for several years and got tired of it, and also got married, ( that'll put a damper on things). So I bought some recording equipment and started recording my own stuff at home. Friends told me it sounded pretty good and that I should "make a record". So I did! I have sold about 150 copies so far without even really pushing it. If you want to hear some samples go to my web site and click on the MP3 links. Then tell me what you think!


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