John Paschall

We capture audio and try not to be limited by what gear we have or don;t have we belive its not about how much gear you have but how you use the tools you do have to make the best end result. johnycat high priest of audiology

Jamie Garner

Aside from my own personal work, i'm starting to take on regular v/o and jingle work, as well as recording country, jazz, bluegrass, and pop acts in the midwest. it seems there are many small studios poipping up, and most seem to be aimed at hard rock/hiphop production- my setup and room is geared more twords recording more 'refined' (not to sound snobby!) artists, thanks to the high quality of my mics and preamps- i'm getting a reputation among folk/country/bluegrass artists as 'the' place to get a great sound!


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