Just learning

Peter Christopher Harris

Great studio for writing as well as very good basic digital recording. about to be radically upgraded. Used for jingles, soundtracks, music projects, streaming audio etc.We try to mentor and encourage anyone who we feel needs attention in music, production and or business and personal matters.

Fernando Barragan

We are a recording studio that began in 2001 working as a home studio, untill, the budget increased because of our client demand, and then began working semi-professionally, in Mexico City. Ou specialty is recording Rock and Heavy metal music, because we think it is one of the most, difficult and variable music to record, but that helps us to improve and learn new self-teached methods, because we had to, and we are still learning from our costumers. Talking about me, Fernando, I'm flexible and open-minded, talking about learning anything new everyday.

Ken Ainsworth

I am primarily an accoustic singer/songwriter - have recorded with the contemporary folk trio Night Whale, but am now concentrating on writing and recording Christian music.

Keith Muracz

I know I'm missing some equipment that I need, but I'm never sure what it is that I should buy next, or what I should upgrade first - which is part of why I'm here now!


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