Clint Beasley

Once I moved to an apartment, I had to change-up my setup. I sold the drum set for a Roland V-Drum set, scaled-down the 24 track Fostex to strictly a computer recording system. Something about loud drums other tennants don't like.

Eric Reid

I work with some of the best sound engineers/producers in Santa Barbara; Rob Salzer who has worked with many many many bands including Jack Johnson, ALO, Tea Leaf Green and many other great bands. I also worked with another great engineer Cody of Cornerstone. Young guy and amazing quality productiions at age 24. I've mainly been helping out, but now I'm putting together my own studio in the mountains. Anyone interested in helping just email me.

Bill Gary

Do most recordings live and overdub if needed. Also do mastering w/ networking to main computer in house. Have nearly everything needed to free up Talent and Creativity to get great recordings.


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