Above average

Guy Brooks

Good sounding room with isolated vocal room. Wall material is unfinished beaded birch wood panelling. Vaulted ceiling insulated with R30 insulation. Wood floor w/scattered carpet remnants. 6' pool table. TV. Mini-fridge. Sofa and chairs.

Sherman Wilson

I say my knowledge level of recording is just learning because in the ever changing world of computers. It seems I'm just learning the latest updates to software and hardware.

Gregory Spinney

Dextrotronix Sound Lab- this studio is my own private sound lab, from which i am able to express myself as comfortably as I ever could. I am extremely proficient with each and every piece of gear I own. I am available to produce tracks for and with any people that i meet who are after a good quality recording either digital or analogue, and especially recordings where both domains are used, a sort of "DigiLogue Studio"


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