Kim Do

I work alone and with three ensembles. None of my songs are in a fully finished state, even though they have all the parts down. I just need to find time to use all this stuff!

Edward Dyk

Our studio and its equipment was designed and built to meet the needs of artists who favor affordable quality and analog tone above all else. Contact us today to find out what services we can provide for your next project.

Albert DeGroft

I've made some pretty funky recordings on this equipment, and then I've made some great recordings on my old Fostex X-15 4 Tk. Recorder! Patience in your setting up will work wonders in your final product!

Frank Gingeleit

There are still three CDs available from my "underground" period: "Nightmares and Escapades" (2002), "Megalopolis" (2003), and "Toy Island" (2003). "Lost In The Deep Blue" (originally from 2003) was re-published in 2005 by the German "Fuenfundvierzig" ("forty five") label. Also on "Fuenfundvierzig" you find the Instant Drone Factory (IDF) CDs "Critcal Mass" (2006) and "Live" (out in Germany in 2007, the international distribution will follow a little later in 2008).

Anton Bernhardt

Audiowerks is no longer a part of Creative Media Consulting. Audiowerks will provide all types of media services. The convergence of Television and the Internet is fast approaching. We work with the health industry, pharmacutical industry, on-line education for integrated (DLDT) Distance Learning Delivery Technology. Our Mission is to provide a "single vendor solution" to create a complete solution encompassing synchronized Rich media content for Internet, Intranet and DVD production.


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