Steven Nettles

Try to get a budget to invest an additional 4,oooo for equipment purchases and upgrades( sound libraries for all the sampling workstations, and Possibly purchasing the trintiy sound module In the event of any interest and or Substantial sales activity of any of our forthcoming projects definetly purchase of 8 bus Digital mixer and the pro tools system isn't out of the realm of possiblity we have to funding. but Want to establish ourself in the industry before we make any further investments in equipment.

Chad D. Austin

Although I love to record, my main shop is writing. My influence page would be like: if Sting met with Led Zeppelin, while having tea with the Beatles, and then went with U2 to meet OLD Van Halen and the Beastie Boys, they would find me as an understudy.

Richard Cieslewitz

Studio has gone from a personal project to a full-on facility. I've run the gamut from voice-over work, theater and CD project production. Mostly I work alone but have done projects with other engineers, musicians and producers in both live and studio work.

Mik Garrison

Please feel free to contact me about anything... and for goodness sakes... KEEP DOING YOUR MUSIC ><YOUR>< WAY :) Or... sellout, make a mint, and THEN do it your way


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