Eric Reid

I work with some of the best sound engineers/producers in Santa Barbara; Rob Salzer who has worked with many many many bands including Jack Johnson, ALO, Tea Leaf Green and many other great bands. I also worked with another great engineer Cody of Cornerstone. Young guy and amazing quality productiions at age 24. I've mainly been helping out, but now I'm putting together my own studio in the mountains. Anyone interested in helping just email me.

Tim Pratt

I call my studio "BigEye". I've recorded two independent CD's back in 1999 and 2001 for a Christian power trio I was in. I also recorded a 12 track CD for an independent country artist looking to break out. Also,I have done a 7 song CD of an Adult Christian contemporary band and have recorded numerous guitar instrumentals. I am hoping to refine my skills in analog-to-CD transfers by Christmas this year.

John Spokus

I'm old school, but embrace some new technology(best of both worlds)I like analog tape, standalone recorders, things with actual knobs, and real synths instead of computer stuff, vintage guitars and amps, electronic drum kits

James Hurley

I offer every service in the production of a CD from tracking to mastering, and graphics design to duplication assistance. I am a Certified DigiDesign ProTools Operator. I am also sponsored by Brian Moore Guitars.


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