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"Gypsy Flame"

The Story
Following on the heels of the successful "Rain Dancer" album, Armik's "Gypsy Flame" displays his ability to continue to produce and perform great music while growing artistically. "My music reflects my life experiences," he says, and as a world traveler, accomplished musician and confirmed romantic, his life experiences have led him to the far reaches of the globe. The depth of his passion on such songs as "For Your Eyes" and "Dancing Shadows" and the romance of "Swept Away" and "Mystical Eden" call to mind warm sunsets in Barcelona and glowing beaches of the Aegean Isles. From warm sunsets to romantic nights, the "Gypsy Flame" will caress, enchant and ignite passions that are waiting to be discovered.

The Music
04:52 Gypsy Flame Instrumental
05:01 For Your Eyes Instrumental
04:43 Dancing Shadows Instrumental
04:42 Meet You In Heaven Instrumental
05:13 Pure Paradise Instrumental
04:56 Tear Drops Instrumental
05:01 Montserrat Instrumental
05:21 Alone With You Instrumental
04:55 Tango Flamenco Instrumental
04:35 Mystical Eden Instrumental
05:05 Swept Away Instrumental
04:42 Guitar Romance Instrumental

The Artists
Armik  -  Guitar, Production, Arrangements
Jeffery Sudakin  -  Engineering, Programming Engineering, Mixing
Colin Mitchell  -  Engineering, Mixing
Brian Gardner  -  Mastering
Martino Dorce  -  Original Cover Art

Recorded at Clear Lake Audio.

Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering.

Graphic design by Franzen Graphics.

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