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Manuel Barrueco


The Story
"Cuba!", guitarist Maneul Barrueco's 1999 EMI release, was called "an extraordinary musical achievement" by the San Francisco Chronicle. Cuban music is as rich as is varied, and Barrueco has chosen works by composers such as Ernesto Lecuona (the most famous composer that Cuba has ever produced) and Hector Angulo (tracks 8-16 comprise the "Cantos Yoruba De Cuba", melodies belonging to the Yoruban people, who came to Cuba as slaves from the west African state of Nigeria). Also of Afro-Cuban inspiration are tracks 20-21, which comprise the "Rito De Los Orishas" by Leo Brouwer. Brouwer, a guitarist himself, was born in Havana and is recognised as one of Cuba's most important contemporary composers.

The Music
02:15 La Comparsa Instrumental
03:27 Danza Lucumi Instrumental
02:36 A La Antigua Instrumental
02:27 Preludio (Suite No. 2) Instrumental
02:44 Cancion Triste Instrumental
03:45 Preludio Instrumental
04:50 New York Rush (Theme From 'El Super') Instrumental
01:11 Asokere I Instrumental
01:59 Suayo Instrumental
01:58 Iya Mi Ile Instrumental
02:04 Borotiti Instrumental
00:32 Asokere II Instrumental
01:44 Iya Mo Dupe Instrumental
01:43 Yeye Bi Obi Tosuo Instrumental
00:50 E Iekua Instrumental
01:15 Asokere III Instrumental
04:02 Preludio Instrumental
06:02 Variaciones Instrumental
04:07 Danza Instrumental
04:27 Exordium-Conjuro Instrumental
09:58 Danza De Las Diosas Negras Instrumental

The Artists
Manuel Barrueco  -  Guitar
John Fraser  -  Production
Caroline Haigh  -  Production, Editing
Arne Akselberg  -  Balance Engineering
David Thompson  -  Photography

Recorded: IV. 1998, No. 2 Studio, Abbey Road, London.

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